Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Nikita Is 9 Months Old

Our Nikita has been on the "outside" as long as he has been on the "inside" and this feels like a huge milestone for us. When he was in my tummy I was always wondering when I will be able to finally hold my baby and now when he is 9 months old I am wondering how quick my little baby grows up. It's amazing watching him grow and develop.

Nikita is an easy-going baby and most of the time he is cheerful, smiley baby. His cute smile makes us so happy. We love our sweet little boy so much. He is the most special tiny human & life is so beautiful with him in it.

Nikita likes:
- To grab and play with things he shouldn't
- To put everything into his mouth
- Reading books
- To tear mama's magazines
- Rolling all over the place
- Bath time
- Clapping his hands when his mama singing "ladushki, ladushki gde byli...?"  (It's a Russian clapping song.)
- Being outdoors
- To smile when I am not allowing him to grab something that he shouldn't
- Crawling all day long

Nikita dislikes:
- Being in the same place for too long
- Getting dressed

- To change his nappy